Air Purifier

Clean and pure air into your home with AIRGUARD!

According to the latest reports by the World Health Organization, Delhi is amongest the top 20 of all the most polluted cities in the world. In fact, there are few other Indian cities, which feature in the top 10 of the most polluted cities in the world! Air pollution is on the rise, and it is rising fast. The fresh and clean air that you are supposed to breathe in does not exist anymore; instead, you take in air that is polluted and contaminated. Continuous exposure to such pollutants in the air can result in chronic breathing problems and other diseases.

Why we need AIRPURIFIER ?

  1. Remove smoke and dust.
  2. Dispel ODORS.
  3. Increase Oxygen level.
  4. Six stage purification.
  5. No second pollution
  6. Decompose Formaldeyde
  7. UV Steslistion
  8. High Concentration of negativity
  9. Air pollution adversely effect the fertility of women and sex drive of man. It increase oxygen level in the room and also increase sex drive & desire of sex.

Dr. Sagarika Aggarwal
(Specialist at Indira IVF hospital)