Affordable Air Purifier in India?

Affordable Air Purifier in India?

Air purifiers come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Also, the technology behind their working may vary a lot. By considering the features of all types of air cleaners/ purifiers, one can zero into the best one that suits your needs.

The following are the most common types of air-purifiers:

  • HEPA technology:  HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air and this technology has been widely used since many years to filter polluting particles. HEPA air purifier must meet a standard of trapping minimum 99.97% of total particles of the size larger than 0.3 microns. Micron is a tiny amount such that the human eye can detect only up to 10 microns. These purifiers can thus trap bacteria and mould and help create a sanitized environment without emitting any harmful output like Ozone. While these purifiers are efficient at filtering air borne particles, they are not capable of removing gases, odours and chemicals.
  • Activated Carbon technology: It is a type of carbon which has been processed to make it greatly porous and provide a big surface area for absorption. Activated carbon is made of molecular sized pores, which have high quality of absorption as well as chemical bonding. Hence, it is ideal for absorbing pollutants like gases, chemical emissions, odours and tobacco smoke.
  • UV technology: It is an excellent means to kill bacteria and other germs. It consists of a UV light through which air passes and causes genetic or cellular damage of microorganisms. This purifier is usually used along with particulate filter system as by its own it cannot remove air borne particles. Effectiveness depends on time and wattage of exposure to UV light. It is best used along with a filter system.
  • Negative ion technology: These purifiers clean the air using chemical injections. An ion is a particle with a negative or positive charge. They attract magnetically airborne particles like pollen or dust and make the new particle heavy which attaches to other surfaces like walls. But the catch is that this technology only masks pollutants and does not eliminate them.

These are some of the common air purifiers in the market. Portable versions of air purifiers are affordable air purifiers in India. They can be used to purify various rooms in a home.

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