How different types of Air-Purifiers help?

How different types of Air-Purifiers help?

An air purifier is an instrument which gets rid of air contaminants. These devices are sold as to benefit those with asthma and allergies. Air purifiers of commercial grade are made as stand-alone, small units or attached to a HVAC unit in the commercial, industrial and medical industries.

Air purifiers are useful as they remove dust, pet dander, pollen, dust mite and spores, which usually trigger allergies in people who are sensitive. Other allergens include smoke and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). The good news is that many air-purifiers are effective against DNA damaging, viral and bacterial particulates. One must lookout for the best air purifier home use.

Techniques of Air Purification:

  • Thermodynamic sterilization: This device uses the technology of heat sterilization using a ceramic core featuring micro capillaries. These are heated to up to 200 degree Celsius. This process claims to incinerate 99% of microbes: bacteria, dust mite allergens, viruses, fungus spores and mold. The air is passed through the ceramic core by the process of convection.
  • Germicidal irradiation using Ultra Violet rays:This device can be used for sterilization of air which passes via UV lamps through forced air. The microbes pass through these lamps and enter into a filtration system to get rid of dead microbes.
  • Filter based systems: They trap airborne particles by their size. The air must be forced through the filter and particles are captured physically by the device. For instance, there are HEPA filters which get rid of a maximum of 99% of 0.3 micro meter particles and are more effective for larger particles. The air flow must be arranged such that it flows via the HEPA filter.
  • Activated carbon: It is a porous substance that allows adsorption of volatile chemicals, especially of small molecules but not large particles. This device worked by converting contaminants from a gaseous form to a solid form.
  • Ionizer purifiers: They use charged needles or electrical surfaces to create electrically charged gas or air ions. These ions adhere to polluting particles and are attracted to a collector plate. But they do produce small amounts of ozone.
  • Ozone generators: They are retailed as whole house cleaners. This is the best air purifier for house.They are used to generate ozone. This ozone is useful for emergencies of removing odors of smoke after fire or musty smells after flooding.

These are some of the devices for indoor air purification.

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