How do air purifiers work and why we need them?

How do air purifiers work and why we need them?

Air purifier and an air cleaner are two separate devices but have one definite function- to clear the polluted air indoors where one or more than one people breathe. Previously, it was only air cleaner which was available in the market,but later, this device was improved and then air purifiers were evolved.

How do air purifiers work?

Air purifiers are mainly made for indoor uses, and they are portable devices, which are designed specially to clear the air that flows around a room of a particular size. They have highly specialized air filters and other cleaning technology like ion generation, which helps in removing the allergen and chemical particles present in a polluted air along with smoke and other dust particles and make the indoor air fresh to breathe in.

There are some air purifiers, which are specialized in chemical particles removing system and some have ultraviolet ray technologies, which can remove fungus, bacteria and other volatile organic compounds. There are also carbon-blended air purifiers, which are good in sucking up odors and other harmful gases.

Most air purifiers have HEPA filters, which mean high efficiency particulate air filters, which are said to be capable of sucking up 99 percent of germs and guarantees the most purified indoor air.

There is another technology used in air purifiers, which is known as electrical attraction. It helps in trapping the air borne particles. They are made specially to remove 95 percent air borne particles present in a polluted air.

Why one needs air purifier?

Nowadays, air is much polluted even indoors. People are always forced to breathe polluted air when they are outside. Outside of our homes or offices we cannot help, but we can always breathe pure air inside our homes or offices. And this can only happen with air purifier, which is designed specially to remove all the dust particles and bacteria from air to make them germ free. In fact, they are very beneficial for those who have asthma or other breathing troubles. Air purifier dealers in Delhi always deal with some best air purifier models and offer varieties so that one can choose according to their preferences.

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