Is the city life leading to a reduction in sex drive ?

Is the city life leading to a reduction in sex drive ?

Stress, smoking, inactivity and air pollution are adversely affecting the fertility and sex drive of men in Delhi.

"Apart from stress, smoking, obesity, inactivity and steroid consumption, air pollution adds fuel to the fire," said Sagarika Aggarwal, specialist at Indira IVF hospital.

"Delhi's changing lifestyle and the pollutred environment is one of the main contributing factors of infertility in males and increases the chances of miscarriage. Over 30 percent reduction has been observed in the sex life (as told by patients to IVF centres)," she added.

Stating that such infertility problems occur due to low count and degenration of sperm, Aggarwal said "The sperm can'y reach the fallopian tube, because of which the female partner is unable to conceive in spite of countless attempts." There is also a reduced desire for intercourse. There are many other reasons which lead to reduction in sex life as well.

Heavy metals in the air are also responsible for this lack of sex life. Shubhdeep, an IVF expert from Delhi said, "With the increasing level of ozone, sulphur dioxide and particulate matter has led to a higher concentration of free radicals in the blood, that causes a lower sperm quality"

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