Major Types of Air Purifiers

Major Types of Air Purifiers

With increased pollution as much indoors as well as outdoors, indoor air purifiers are finding their true calling. There are many types and sizes available with differing technologies.

The major types of air purifier for home use are:

  • Filters:

Some air purifiers clean air by passing it via filters. These air cleaners prevent particles from the air from getting indoors. These purifiers are installed with the cooling and heating systems within homes. For instance, filters can be placed in the vents for air return. Materials for filters include synthetic fibre, fibre glass, cotton or foam. Density of the material determines how much it will prevent pollution from entering inside. The HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, for example will filter 99.97% of particles up to size of 0.3 microns. This means, it will filter viruses and bacteria, invisible to the human eye. But filters may be ineffective against odours and gases.

  • Ionizing Purifiers:

These purifiers use technology called as Corona discharge to form charged particle called ions. These ions interact with dust or other particle to form heavy molecules that settle down on windows or furniture. This is because charged particles or ions attract other polluting particles. Thus they settle away from the air.

  • Ozone Generators:

They work just like ionizers but main function is to change molecules of oxygen into ozone. Ozone is composed of three molecules of Oxygen. In the atmosphere, oxygen normally exits in double molecule form.When these are subject to UV light or Corona discharge, the oxygen molecules split. After this some oxygen molecules form double molecule form and some into Ozone. Ozone is believed to disinfect and de-odorize air. But many doubt benefits of oxygen and stress on its harmful effects like exacerbating asthma.

  • Adsorbents:

Many air purifiers feature adsorbent material to reduce chemicals, fumes and odours. By Adsorption is meant the process by which one substance is caught on the surface of another substance. The most common material for adsorption is activated charcoal. Large polluting particles passing via adsorbent material get caught in its nooks and crannies. They are ideal as large room air purifier.

These are the major types of air purifiers.

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