Make a Wise Investment in Your Health with an Air Purifier

Make a Wise Investment in Your Health with an Air Purifier

More and more people are beginning to use the air purifier. Only then one notices the smog and the fact that more people are coughing all day long. No, it is not an isolated incident because the quality of air in most of the metros is worsening.


Life in a fog


If you step out of your house, you are confronted with a pall of smoke-like suspension in the air. In Noida, the visibility was about 200 metres says the Indian Meteorological Department. The particulate matter level 10 remained above 900 micrograms per cubic metre. The permissible level is only 100mg/cubic m. It is no wonder then that the air purifier dealers in Noida are laughing into their sleeves.


Range of diseases


The pollution in the air can cause diseases like asthma, heart diseases, liver toxicity, and jaundice. It may cause allergies and skin rashes too but that depends on where you live. One does not see many options open, other than avoiding the most polluted parts of the city or keeping the doors closed. But, that is like closing your eyes to escape the reality.


Given the wide range of diseases that one may contract through the polluted air in your locality, one must think about an option. Since one has to breathe the air, the change one could make is to use a filter. Have one for the office, one for the home, a vegetable freshener and you are home. Some people use an air filter for their cars too.


Choose a good air filter or purifier


When you invest in an air purifier, it is wise to the best of the bunch. To find the best air purifier in India, just look at the features. The standard features of most of the recognised brands include an Ultraviolet bulb, an activated charcoal filter, remote controls, automatic operations setting, and castor wheels. You may also see speed settings, filter monitors, ion generators, and photocatalytic oxidation.


Once your health is affected, you cannot do much to get it back. So, this must take the highest priority in your expense sheet. After all, these machines will last for ages and you will live and breathe comfortably. It is definitely worth it.

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