Making a Correct Choice is Important

Making a Correct Choice is Important

This is an era of purifiers and before you pick one, makes sure you comprehend the different kinds of purifiers.Dissimilar purifiers use different purifying and cleaning technologies. Of course, the ultimate purpose of every purifier is to make your air less contaminated and more fresh and clean.

Still, before you choose an air purifier, your fore most step should be to identify which air quality issues are most significant for your health.Once you are clear about it, the task of choosing one will become easier. Let us have a look at the following useful tips:

  • The efficiency of a purifier can be measured by the particle size being captured. 0.3 microns or smaller is an excellent capture size for any purifier. Don’t forget to check out the efficiency of filter. Yes, before you decide one, remember that mould, pollen, dust mites, pet dander and bacteria are between 0.3 to 5 microns.A general filter can smoothly trap these contaminants or anything larger than 0.Keep in mind that contaminants like chemical fumes, viruses and cigarette smoke are tinier than 0.3 microns and cannot get filtered out such general filters.If you want to eradicate such contaminants, you will have to buy an Ultraviolet air purifier or an activated carbon filter.
  • You also have to consider the functioning noise. It can become a concern when system is running around a clock. Most air purification productions list a decibel score for every air purifiers fan speed. So, before you buy one, take care of this important factor.
  • Don’t skip the (CADR). Yes, The Clean Air Delivery rate is a standard dimension of the complete volume of air that a purification system can clean of a particular pollutant in an hour.A higher number shows the unit is more effective in cleaning air of that specific pollutant.Another dimension to note is Cubic feet per minute (CFM).It is the amount of air which flows via purifier per minute.It is significant because you won’t get the complete value of your purifier if the sum of air filtered per minute is very tiny

Thus, whether you buy an air purifier in India or anywhere, these important things can save you from making a wrong choice!

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