Questions to ask for selecting the best available air purifier

Questions to ask for selecting the best available air purifier

There are many, who do understand the importance of having an air purifier in their home. But when it comes to selecting one, they find it to be a difficult task. The reason cited for this is because, there are present a huge collection of air purifiers of different brands, quality, price range and fragrance. Hence, the person, especially the first timer could possibly be confused as to which one is to be purchased, something that will provide fresh air and be liked by everyone.

Some questions to ask

To find the ultimate and the best affordable air purifier, checking out the following questions is likely to help.

  • Is there required a HEPA filter: This is considered to be among the most crucial filter present in the air filter. It increases the overall efficiency of the filter to remove unwanted particles from the air. It is equally good enough to eliminate particulates which are as tiny as .3 microns! Thus many air borne bacteria and viruses can be removed from the home and in larger quantities, thus safeguarding the health of the family members.
  • Is ozone in small amount acceptable: According to the health department, ozone produced in any amount is considered to be unhealthy and unsafe for human beings. At the same time, ozone found in low levels would prove to be ineffective in cleaning the air.
  • Type of maintenance required: The pure air purifier to be selected for the home needs to come with minimal maintenance. With people leading busy lives, they would not have time to carry out regular maintenance. Hence, the purifier should be good enough to last for a long time without much maintenance and not losing filtration time.
  • Can a unit having just a single filter work efficiently: The fact is that single filter cannot be expected to work efficiently or for long. Pollutants can be found in both gaseous and solid forms. Hence, it would be essential to have filters which can eliminate each type effectively.

Therefore, by getting proper answers to the above questions and doing some research on the web and checking out the reviews put up by the others can help the person to get a product that offers value worth the investment.

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