Rise in Air Pollution in Indian Cities Creates Demand for Air Purifiers

Rise in Air Pollution in Indian Cities Creates Demand for Air Purifiers

Everyone knows that if we eat good food, we develop a healthy body. But, when the air we breathe is not healthy, the chances are that we will develop diseases instead of becoming healthy. Many respiratory diseases such as asthma make life miserable for several thousands of Indians. The abrupt increase in the chest and throat disease among Indians happens due to air pollution. And, since India has 13 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world, the rise in epidemics is only natural.

Compare the air purifier models online

With the growing trend to make online purchases, the modern householder will buy air purifier online rather than make a trip to the shopping mall. You get more advantages when you shop online. Comparing the different brands helps you decide which one to buy. The air flow controls of one may not be as good as that of another. Or, the number of filters in the air purifier may be more. You see these things directly and influence your decision making. Another thing that worries people is the deteriorating quality of the air in the Indian cities.

When studying the air quality of Patna, the following observations were made. The amount of particulate matter was 15.8 times the average prescribed safety limit by the World Health Organization. One could see a heavy rise peaking during the Diwali time especially after 6:00 PM. One can see a similar situation in Delhi. In fact, people refer to Delhi as the “asthma capital of India”.

Polluted air in Delhi

It is no wonder that air purifier in Delhi is as much as necessity as clean, hygienic food. Since air spreads throughout the region, one cannot be totally free of air pollution.  Nor can one stop the pollution all together overnight. Use of air purifiers in the house and the office helps one avoid debilitating respiratory diseases.

People who are exposed to pollution, suffer from failing health. They lack the drive the other people have. Naturally, they tend to tire faster and quit their work without completing anything fully. The solution to this is to use air purifiers. The brief but much needed respite from the onslaught of air pollution helps them recover their poise and vigor. One must use a home air purifier since one spends most of the time there.

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