The Threat of Pollution: Invest in Health and not Medical Bills

The Threat of Pollution: Invest in Health and not Medical Bills

Good health is crucial to productivity. A person who feels good and has a healthy body works better. But often, small things creep into our lives that we ignore saying, “Oh, they do not matter at all”. In reality, these small things make the difference between a happy person and one who is ailing and unproductive.

Reasons for bad health

The primary cause for bad health is pollution. This pollution happens through the air we breathe and the vegetables we cook for our food. India is the third largest contributor to greenhouse gases after China and the US. So, we are living with pollution sure as the sun is shining above us.

Range of diseases that can happen

A whole range of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases such as lung cancer, asthma, and bronchitis is on the increase due to air pollution. These could ultimately lead to heart attacks if left untreated. One can use air purifiers to avoid such complications. You get cheap air purifier filters in Delhi and other places where pollution is rampant.

In the olden days, the people used to blame diseases and infections on bad luck and the evil eye. Now, we know that most of the infections come through the polluted things we use. Being educated, one can take steps to prevent the onset of infections, and thereby, avoid them.

Take steps today

First, think about what is happening. Then, devise a solution. You need to tackle this problem with a three-pronged approach.

  1. Check the impact of air pollution: For sure, we are not going to crack the menace of air pollution overnight. Until then, we need to keep breathing the polluted air. Or, do we? We can use air filters and purifiers at least in the places where we spend most of our time, namely the office and the house. Look for the best affordable air purifier and be safe.
  2. Cut the pollution: Use green vehicles and reduce pollution. The vehicle emission increased due to the lack of catalytic converters in the vehicles.
  3. Use vegetable purifiers: This helps one to be free of germs that get into our food.

Timely action will keep harm out of the way. Your investment in your health must begin today. Otherwise, you might have to invest in medical bills in addition to other daily expenses.

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