Tips on cleaning the vegetables

Tips on cleaning the vegetables

Vegetables are needed on a daily basis as these form the staple diets of people. People cook vegetables on a regular basis to have it with rice or chapatti or eat them just as salads. Most people buy them from markets or from online shopping sites,which deliver them at your doorstep. One can also buy it from departmental stores,but before buying them, the main concern is to check whether they are fresh or not.

But buying vegetables and bringing them home does not mean that they are ready to cook now. One has to purify the vegetables properly before cooking them. This is because, during the time of cultivation, there are a lot of fertilizers and carbides, which are used so that the vegetables grow faster.

How to clean the vegetables?

Well, one can easily wash the vegetables after bringing them home. One has to take a large bowl and keep all the vegetables there. Then place it in a wash basin. Make a solution, which will include a spoon of vinegar and boiled water (one has to take purified water and tap water will not do) and wash the vegetables with that. It is said that, most of the germs (more than 90 percent of bacteria and other contaminated germs) get killed when this solution is used to wash the vegetables.

Before washing the vegetables, one has to put them in normal room temperature. If you have kept the vegetables in refrigerator, then keep them out until they obtain the room temperature. The solution’s temperature and the vegetable’s temperature should be same as it can gently wash the soft skinned vegetables properly without peeling the skin off. At the same time, it can remove all the chemicals away.

Before washing them off properly, let the vegetable soak for at least ten to fifteen minutes in the solution so that the germs are washed away properly.

In fact, one can avoid all this hard work by using a vegetable purifier. Vegetable purifier in Noida is a popular device, which is ozone filled, and it removes all the chemicals and germs from vegetables and makes them ready and safe to cook. It might happen that homemade solutions might fail to work but the vegetable purifiers,endowed with latest technology, will never fail to deliver cent percent results.

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