Types of Purifiers for Cars

Types of Purifiers for Cars

One must control one’s expectations when considering purifiers for one’s car. Most are in real, ionizers which are a different deal from the popular HEPA filters. There are various choices for car purifier India.

For car purifiers, one can get different types such as:

  • Air filters
  • Oil filters
  • Cabin air filters
  • Car ionizers

Oil Filters: As part of normal wear and tear of engines, metal particles appear which block the flow of components and pollute the lubricant. The oil filter is present to catch such damaging particles, which harm the vehicle, especially its engine. It is best to change such a filter every time the engine oil is changed. Engine oil is typically changed, every 2 years in new cars and more times in old cars.

Air Filter: The engine air filter is intended to clean the air that comes inside the engine for the sake of combustion. There are various types and can be made from cotton, foam and paper. The working condition of the filter depends on the material. A good air purifier in car ensures that abrasive particles do not enter the air going into the engine. This ensures that fuel consumption stays at levels specified in the specifications of the vehicle. Maintenance is such that if you drive regularly on dusty roads, you need to clean your air filters also regularly. It is good to replace air filters once a year.

Cabin Air Filters: While other filters protect the engine, these filters protect the health of passengers of the car. It works by capturing dust and pollen floating around. The filters prevent such pollutants to enter the car and disturb passengers, especially those who are allergic like asthmatics. Such air filters provide a clean and healthy atmosphere inside the cars. Such filters can be changed once a year or more times, if your drive in dusty conditions.

Car Ionizers: Instead of filtering the air, these devices emit ions or articles which have positive or negative charge. The ionized particles of various odorous materials or allergens will attach to surfaces and stop floating around. The downside with such a car purifier is that you will have to deal with a coating of dust and pollen on the surfaces inside the vehicle.

These are some types of car purifiers.

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