Car Purifier

Breathe better in your car with the help of AIRGUARD!

Pollution is everywhere! Your workspace, home, and even your car is not safe from the harmful effects of this natural as well as manmade hazard. You can install air purifiers at home and your office but what about your car?

Well, AIRGUARD India brings to you a car air purifier, which makes sure that even the air that you breathe in when on the go in your car is fresh and pure! For how long will you roam the streets in medical masks covering your nose and mouth? It's time to breathe without fear, thanks to AIRGUARD'S brand new car purifier.

More often than not drivers and passengers already suffer from a chronic breathing problem like asthma. Sometimes long hours of exposure, especially in the case of drivers by profession, can give birth to a lot of breathing problems caused due to the various pollutants within the car.

AIRGUARD brings a multipurpose filtration technology that not only rids the air within the car off its harmful pollutants; it also renders the air clean and pure. It operates using three-staged layers of filtration, which ensures a better result. This is suitable for filtering both fine particles from cigarette smoke, dust, pollen, etc. as well as reducing the effect of harmful chemicals like toluene, formaldehyde, etc. that are emitted as exhaust from the cars. A long-term exposure to these pollutants can give rise to chronic and sometimes even fatal health issues.

Thus, AIRGUARD'S Car Air Purifier is the best way to keep at least 99% of the pollutants at bay and ensure a clean breathing space within our car. Though it might sound like a luxury, yet just a glance at the alarming rise in the level of pollution in Delhi and its surrounding areas will be enough to assure you how necessary AIRGUARD'S Car Purifier is!
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