1.Do I require the Air Guard purifier?
Well, in India, most houses and indoor spaces need an air purifier especially when there are children, older people, pregnant women, pets and babies. Research studies have shown that the air indoor is 4 times more polluted sometimes than the air outside. The quality of air is deteriorating which is the prime reason for lung and respiratory cancer.

2. How will the Air Purifier help?
The Air Guardair purifier will efficiently and effectively remove 99.9% air pollutants that are found indoors which will make the air breathable and healthy.

 3.What kind of indoor pollutants is present in the air?
Some common indoor air pollutants are pollen, bacteria, particulate matter – PM 2.5 (These tiny particles can directly invade the body and cause lung cancer), viruses, volatile organic compound, dust, gases, nitrogen, human and pet hair, etc.

 4.Why should I opt for Air Guard Air Purifiers?
The Air Guard Air Purifiers are designed with an innovative technology that filters out and removes all the indoor pollutants. Our purifiers do not emit chemicals like most purifiers do, and we are eco-friendly too. You can rely on us as we use top-notch and high-quality technology for air purification.

5. When should I start using air purifiers?
You can use air purifiers depending on the seasons. Our Air Guard air purifiers can be used throughout the year in every season, and it will keep you away from any allergies.

6. Does the Air Guard purifier make noise?
The Air Guard purifiers are silent, and we assure you that once you turn it on, you will hear no noise at all.

7.Does it require servicing?
We have a monitor on the Air Guard that will help you see the air quality, and if you see any issues with it, which hardly occur, you can give our customer services a call.