Veg Purifier

AIRGUARD: Your introduction to a healthy and happy diet!

The trick to a healthy and happy life is to make sure that whatever you eat, you eat it fresh! Well, is that always possible? Buying a fruit or vegetable straight from the market does not ensure that the product is fresh and on top of that, we often tend to refrigerate produce from the market for some time. The longer a vegetable or fruit remains refrigerated, the more number of nutrients it loses. Pesticides are, in fact, used in copious amounts to ensure maximum produce. These are very harmful to our health and rob the fruits and vegetables off their natural qualities.

To ensure our better health, there are a few steps that we can take, and the most important one is using AIRGUARD’S Veg Purifier.

How it works?

  • The fruits and vegetables are passed and washed in this purifier with the help of ozone.
  • This ozonized water that is used in the water purifiers acts as a natural sanitizer that cleanses and purifies the fruits and the vegetables.
  • It helps in eradicating bacteria.
  • It is also extremely effective when it comes to neutralizing the toxic effects of the pesticides that are used when the fruits and vegetables are cultivated.
  • It also helps in making sure that the products remain fresh for a longer period of time and retain as much of its nutritional value as possible.

Reasonably priced and gifted with all the amenities of a Veg Purifier, AIRGUARD India’s product is the best that you can get! It is a chemical free system of sanitizing, which makes sure that the fruits and vegetables retain their goodness as much as possible.

Since refrigerating is a must these days, do not forget to wash the fruits and vegetables before you put them in the refrigerator. A single wash in AIRGUARD’S Veg Purifier will ensure a healthy and fresh bite!