Why Air Guard

Air Guard purifiers are innovative, economical, resourceful and healthy.

Innovation – We work extremely hard to exceed the industry standards to bring you products that are combined with performance, innovation and a classy design. Along with breathing clean air through our air purifiers, you will thrive on how stylish it looks in your room.

Efficiency – We meet the strict energy efficiency guidelines which is why the Air Guard air purifiers qualify for energy star rating. We assure you that your electricity bill will have no increase whatsoever with our purifiers. On an average, it will cost not more than a single light bulb to run the Air Guard air purifiers.

Silent – With so much noise in the world and how disturbing it can be on a day to day basis, we have designed something that will bring you joy. Yes, our Air Guard systems are completely silent. When the light is on, you know it is working, and when you don’t see any light on, that means it is off. You might hear a faint sound from the machine, but it is a pleasant sound that will make you feel peaceful. We guarantee that our systems do not make any irritating noises.

Healthy – Our air purifiers are made safely and tested in laboratories many times before they are sold. We want you to breathe fresh, clean air which is why we run so many tests on the machine. We are concerned greatly about your health.

Environment-friendly – With exceptional performance, stylish design and no sound, our Air Guard purifiers are eco-friendly in nature too. We believe in designing products that do not harm your health and the environment. We have selected steel over plastic for the internal systems so that it can be recycled without degradation.

Don’t compromise your health and get your own Air Guard purifier.