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A gift of healthy and safe living to your family!

Due to the rising levels of pollution, a lot of health hazards are on the rise. Of the most harmful of all types of pollution, the most dangerous one for humans is definitely air pollution. The burning of coal, natural gas and any type of fossil fuel, the smoke coming out of factories all lead to polluting the air. Both natural, as well as human factors, contribute in polluting the air. Though efforts are being made to check the rise in the air pollution levels, they are not enough.

Don’t you wish you had something to make sure that you could breathe in fresh and pure air, minus all the pollutants?

Air Purifiers:    Which can help you to take in the clean and pollutant free air every time you take a breath. With the air pollution levels in a rise at an alarming rate in cities, having an air purifier is more a necessity than a luxury.
AIRGUARD India’s air purifier follows a process where the air goes passes through six stages before it is deemed fit to breathe in. Carbon filtering and HEPA filtration help in ensuring that the air that is released after passing through the purifier is clean and ideal to breathe in.
It is also extremely crucial to eat fresh, so AIRGUARD brings you its wide range.

Well, AIRGUARD India brings you all-purpose 

Vegetable & Fruit Purifiers: Which sanitize these products with the help of ozone wash before you eat them or store them. It is not enough to simply have an air purifier at home; your car too is home to various pollutants, and long-term exposure can result in serious health problems. So, try out the new.

Car Purifier:  From AIRGUARD, which ensures a healthy and happy living!
Though it is not always possible for us to make sure that we breathe in fresh air or eat healthy when outside our home, yet with AIRGUARD, you can make sure that your children and family members have a pure and pollution free air to breathe in and contamination-free vegetables and fruits to eat every time!